Environmental Consulting Services


Many projects are governed by CEQA and Environmental Impact Reports. Our team can assist in the data collection, interpretation, and review of these documents to ensure that your project activities follow all necessary requirements and mitigation measures. Interpreting your Environmental Impact Report and identifying environmental factors affecting your projects will be our top priority. We can provide feasible alternatives to proposed projects; and can provide practical solutions in which effects on the environment can be mitigated or avoided.

Agency Coordination

Cornerstone’s Environmental Consulting team can act as a bridge between various agencies and your project. Our expertise in Environmental Resource Management offers a fluid relationship between clients, stakeholders, and governing bodies.

Quality Assurance/Project Management

Cornerstone is ready to join with your team in supporting project management. Our staff can handle the challenge of achieving project goals within given constraints. We provide support to ensure that projects are conducted in compliance with environmental specifications, stakeholder standards, local and state requirements, and within the terms and conditions of the project contract keeping all parties content!

Archaeological & Cultural Resource Management

We can support your needs regarding archaeological and cultural resources. Cornerstone is ready to facilitate field survey, monitoring, archival research, as well as site evaluation concerning status/eligibility under national, state and local registers. Our staff provides guidance on how to navigate prehistoric and historical resources through proper management and mitigation measures. Our knowledge of CEQA, NEPA, and NHPA allows us to serve you as it relates to archaeological and cultural resource management.

Biological Resource Management

Cornerstone can support the management of biological resources as it relates to your projects. We are prepared to facilitate services including biological survey and monitoring, native plant surveys and arborist consultation. Our team will provide environmental project support before, during and after construction.